Seiya Yuna Headgear Papercraft

seiya yuna headgear papercraft

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Aquila Yuna ( 鷲座(アクィラ)のユナ, Akuira no Yuna, Aquila Юна) is the female Saint of the Aquila constellation, who can use the element of Wind.

Seiya Yuna Headgear Papercraft

Seiya yuna papercraftVery independent, but also very loving. She does not care about the traditions of female saints, so she refuses to wear a mask. She is very smart and her acute stargazing allows her to see the unknown mysteries of Cosmo. She has a tendency to fight along with Kouga. She is also very strong and even defeated Kouga the first time they met. When she meets Aria, she is initially unfriendly to her, but then comes to understand and know her more deeply and, as a result, they become friends. Through this, she develops a protective instinct towards Aria, thinking of her as a dear friend and sister.

After a local war in a snow-covered country, Yuna was left an orphan, living alone in a village and having to steal food to survive. One day during a theft from a bakery, she meets Peacock Pavlin, who protects her from the baker chasing her. Pavlin informally adopts Yuna and trains her to be a Saint of Athena. During her training, Pavlin discovers that Yuna has the ability to read the stars. After completing her training, Pavlin hands her a mask and sends her to Palestra. There, Yuna vows to become a powerful warrior, though deep down she expresses heavy reluctance to give up her identity to the mask.

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