OV-10 Bronco

The North American Rockwell OV-10 Bronco is a turboprop-driven light attack and observation aircraft. It was designed to fight in the 1960s as a special aircraft for Counter Insurgency (COIN), and one of its main tasks was to act as a Forward Air Control (FAC) aircraft. It may take up to three tons of external munitions, and hang around for three or more hours.

The original vision of an informal collaboration of WH Beckett and developed Colonel KP Rice, USMC, who at the Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, California met in the 1960s. The concept was a tough out of a simple, close air support aircraft with our integrated ground operations. When the U.S. military is still experimenting with armed helicopters and the U.S. Air Force is not interested in air support.
Indonesia: bought 12 OV-10F airplanes, and work similarly in COIN operations, U.S. Navy Vietnam Broncos with their duties, they have built 50-inch (12.7 mm) Browning heavy machine guns, rather than the light in 30 (7, 62 mm) machine guns.These aircraft is crucial in the invasion of East Timor and the resulting “actions.