Mercedes-Benz SK Papercraft

The trucks of the Mercedes-Benz series Schwere Klasse (SK) were produced from 1988 through 1998, when they were succeeded by the new Mercedes-Benz Actros truck.

The SK series is basically a mere evolution of the Neue Generation, which was built up to the year 1988. There were few changes to the cab: radiator grill and wind leading plates were combined optically, and the lower edges of the side windows were made with a progressive incline towards the front. This design feature had already been realized in 1977 with the T1 and in 1984 with the LN series.
Post-facelift (1994-98)

In 1994 the SK series, which apart from the upgraded engines was still based on the NG series from 1973, was facelifted for the last time with a new front design.