Master Viper (Kungfu Panda)

Master Viper is a green snake with two small lotus flowers on her head. Although she had a serious congenital defects to their birth sex, barely visible with poisonous teeth, is like her strength, her sinuous nature, its beauty and accuracy. Despite the stereotype of the vicious snake, Viper is the most charming, friendly, compassionate and sweetest of the five, and the rapidly developing empathy for Po as his unyielding tenacity was evident.

In Secrets of the Furious Five, was born the beloved daughter of the Viper Viper great master, the protector of the village where they lived on his left poisonous claws to have fallen enemies (who he described as awe awesomeness of his “Poison Fang — Technology “) and his beautiful wife. The Grand Master was hoping she would carry on his legacy when she was born, but she was never without teeth, and she developed when she was growing up, much to the chagrin of her father. To feel better about their father, took Viper Band Dance at the age of six, flowering in the best dancer in the village. During an Autumn Moon Festival, Viper was too nervous to attend the festival, and stayed home with her mother. But surprise when her father was fighting a gorilla bandit who used the village and the poison-proof armor of the great masters of the teeth, Viper, as he looked in trouble, they have the courage necessary to gorillas by ensuring confuse him with their break dancing skills to defeat and bind her band. As a legacy of her father was safe with his daughter, always a mighty warrior on their own terms.