Master Tigers (Kungfu Panda)

Master Tigress is the strongest and boldest of the Furious Five. She is friendly, but the least pleasant of the five. In many scenes in which the other four of the Furious Five and / or butt joke or have fun, Tigress would often remain silent and withdrawn. It was strongly influenced by Shifu, and believed that Oogway she would choose as the Dragon Warrior Po in front of the entrance, despite the statements Oogway’s. Frustrate Po Tigress bitter dislike her dream, and is the voice of the five growing in his contempt for the panda and his alleged lack of respect for Kung Fu, even if their wives to respect him, perhaps they believe was the true Dragon Warrior .

At the news of protests to Master Shifu, Po, that he never Tai Lung, Shifu, even if modified, can defeat Master Tigress, Tai Lung, they feel instead of butt beat, it started to intercept the incoming rogue states, along with the rest of the five, who came with her. But they were all beat by a superior military skill and nerve Tai Lung attacks. When Po defeats Tai Lung, Tigress was deeply impressed, and she is the first to recognize the Po as the true Dragon Warrior, and a master of kung fu, gave him a sweet smile when she does it.

Was in Secrets of the Furious Five, Tigress reveals how an orphan in the orphanage where she Gu Bao feared by other children and the matron destructive due to its lack of control over their anger, strength, teeth and claws. Left alone and isolated in their rooms for the safety of other children to see them soon look like a monster, if everyone did so. Then to help Shifu, came at the request of the orphanage. Shifu teaches them to play from dominoes, which not only discipline, grace, precision and finesse, but control a steady hand and a heart to win the Tigress effort required on the first. Finally, after months of training, they learned to their anger and their movements are well controlled and made friends with the other orphans. Although she still feared by all potential parents, who visited the orphanage on the other side to the adoption of children adopted, Shifu, and she quickly took her as his foster daughter, so that a small but really sweet smile as she walked Tigress new home. “However, Shifu, even the emotional scars of the events of the past, and what was so severe and restrained in their education. The old tigress in the major film captures the Po Shifu loved Tai Lung like no other person before or after, even her.