Master Po (Kungfu Panda)

Po is the protagonist of Kung Fu Panda. His childhood was largely hidden, although he apparently under the guardianship of his goose father Mr. Ping, as long as he can remember. Although not overly enthusiastic about the food he was obviously a diligent student, having praised the quality of its cuisine.

Po refused to disappoint his father reveals his true interest in Kung Fu. Although mild and friendly, he has seriously low self-esteem, because he thinks he is a defeat for both obese and  type not known for a warrior tradition. If they are upset breathtaking gorges on food in general the pain.

His main interest lies in the martial arts, he developed an encyclopaedic knowledge. He is able to preserve traditions of the warriors, the famous fighting moves, remember information and historical objects. Apparently by coincidence, he was dubbed the Dragon Warrior by Master Oogway (proclaiming that “there are no coincidences), and as Master Shifu and the Furious Five making no secret of their contempt for him, that he turns into abuse in the Hope someone he can for himself. This persistence, in turn, begin to earn their respect.