Master Monkey (Kungfu Panda)

Master Monkey is friendly and cheaper than five. Monkey was the first to recognize five provision and Po is the only member of the Furious Five, called Po. It seems the strongest sense of humor after the Five and reacts strongly feel the butt of comedy. Unlike other help Master Monkey uses a weapon to combat it. Employs a staff, a weapon in the traditional Kung Fu and other martial arts use.

Before) at a kung fu warrior, the Secrets of the Furious Five Monkey that fraudsters had with the village when he was a teenager known, and often makes people slipping on banana peel (banana to eat and / or retaliation for pantsing An incident in his childhood, led to the mockery of a number of other children in the city. The bourgeoisie has many powerful warriors, including the rhinoceros keepers of Chorh-Gom Prison to force him out of town alive or dead clever, but humiliated each monkey. Monkey was finally accepted by the Master Oogway, in addition to no pants, and the shell to hide the monkey attacks mitigated. Monkey Oogway taught compassion saved me falling beams, Monkey creates a warrior today.  ape is the only character that are expressed by both Jackie Chan and his son Jaycee Chan.