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K9 Thunder is a South Korean self-propelled 155 mm howitzer produced by Samsung Techwin for that Republic of Korea Armed forces. It absolutely was designed to be able to product after which it change this K55 self-propelled howitzers throughout South Korean services. K9 howitzers work throughout organizations while using K10 intelligent ammo resupply vehicle.

Korean K9 Tank Papercraft

Download Korean K9 Tank PapercraftThe leading armament in the K9 Thunder contains 155-mm / L52 howitzer, equipped using intelligent shell controlling and ramming program. It’s works with typical NATO 155-mm ammo. Highest selection of flames is actually 40 kilometers using typical HE projectile and 40 kilometers using rocket-assisted projectile.

Your K9 Thunder includes a highest price of flames of 6 models each minute and is also able to multiple-round simultaneous-impact heating. It is able to flames about three models throughout 15 seconds, every single in different trajectories, to ensure all the shells arrive about targeted simultaneously. Continual price of flames is actually only two models each minute.
K9 Thunder is actually equipped using intelligent flames handle program using inner navigation program and intelligent marker lounging methods. You will need 40 seconds to prepare to be able to flames with emplacement and 59 seconds through motion. Automobile may right keep situation to avoid counter-battery flames.
Your K9 has all-welded aluminium hull and turret having a highest thickness of 21 mm. It gives you protection through little arms and artillery shell pieces. Automobile is additionally equipped using NBC protection program.
This specific self-propelled howitzer includes a producers of several, composing of commander, gunner, helper gunner, loader and motorist.

Download Korean K9 Tank Papercraft

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