Korean K200 Tank Papercraft

korean k200 tank papercraft

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The K200 KIFV (Korea Infantry Fighting Vehicle) is a South Korean infantry battling vehicle, initially delivered by Daewoo Heavy Industries (now a piece of Doosan Group), planned as a residential substitution to more established reinforced faculty transporters, for example, M113 that were in principle line of administration with the Republic of Korea Armed Forces at the time of K200’s advancement.

Korean K200 Tank Papercraft


korean k200 tank papercraftThe K200 was supplemented by the K21 since 2009 in South Korea. a sum of 2,383 K200 vehicles of all setups were delivered somewhere around 1985 and 2006, among which 111 K200A1 vehicles had been sent out to Malaysia.

The K200 venture started in 1981 when the Republic of Korea Army issued an appeal for another Korean Infantry Fighting Vehicle (KIFV) to meet future battle prerequisites. The Agency for Defense Development was accountable for its improvement, and Daewoo Heavy Industries (now a piece of Doosan Group) was the prime foreman for the generation of this vehicle. The K200 was intended to be a land and/or water capable faculty transporter that could cross shallow streams, in light of the suspension of the American Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle. The AIFV itself was in view of the M113 reinforced work force transporter. The vehicle was created to be more reasonable than the AIFV, however not so much relinquishing ability, to pick up an edge in expense adequacy. The consequent residential advancement and creation of the K200 accomplished a value scope of $1.32 million to $1.41 million instead of the $1.52 million to $2.83 million value run that a permit generation or direct importation of the AIFV would have involved.

Doosan joined the MAN D2848T motor into the K200 under a permit generation arrangement and absorbed its innovation utilizing household segments, a figuring out experience that would demonstrate instrumental in the advancement of its next IFV, the K21. S&T Dynamics was the licensee subcontractor for the Allison Transmission X200-5K gearbox. The vehicle entered generation in 1985. Serial creation was finished in 2006.

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