FORTSCHRITT E-512 Papercraft

The harvester Fortschritt E 512 is a self-propelled harvesting machine for threshing grain, oilseeds and pulses.

He was from the early 1960s in the former VEB Progress Agriculture Neustadt / Saxony from the model E 510 (a slight improvement of the previous model E 175) developed. The aim was to increase throughput to 5 kg / s for threshing wheat.

Returning to calls from the VIII Congress Bauer 1964, a powerful, modern and build the economy of the area combine that E 512 was introduced in 1968 at the Leipzig fair to the public. He was the most powerful combine harvester on the world market. In the GDR, this series was one of the machines of the power class 1, up to a yield of 4.5 t / ha.

Facelift With this type was actually officially until 1983, but built to 1988. This was due to the relatively high share of exports to Arab countries with an estate version of bunker / bagging facility and an additional straw collectors preferred. The successor model, the E 514, which took over many design features of its predecessor and has improved only in detail and appearance.