World Rally cars is a term to the racing specifications by the FIA Motorsports defines the international governing body and used to describe class of constants WRC specifications in the World Rally Championship 1997 founded compete by the FIA.
Regulations specify that World Rally cars should be based on a car with a group of at least 2,500 units of production, production techniques. Can some changes made to the car, including, but not limited to the engine by moving about 2.0 liters, turbocharger with an anti-lag, RWD, consecutive speeds aerodynamic parts, reduce weight to 1230 kg weight frame chassis system architecture for higher rigidity and security (Rollcage). However a are in contrast to the group, manufacturer no longer meet the approval for the construction of an “application” required. The basic model must not having both Peugeot 206 WRC car Citroën Xsara characteristics shown cars next 307 and Škoda Fabia the no car Street turbo gasoline engine Variant or four-wheel have sold are.