Bell 222

In the late 1960s, Bell began designing a new light twin turbine engine helicopter. The model of the new helicopter was published in January 1974 in a helicopter assembly. According to the contract rate, the company announced its new Bell 222. was the first light twin turbine engine helicopter developed in the United States.
The Bell 222 includes a number of advanced features, including dual electrical and sanitation systems, stub wings housing the retractable landing gear, and the Noda Matic vibration reduction system developed for the Bell 214ST.
Production began in 1975. Model 222 first flew on August 13, 1976. The Commission has the certification of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), on August 16, 1979 and approved for Visual Flight Rules (VFR) through December 20, 1979. Deliveries began on January 16, 1980 helicopter. The FAA approved the 222 for a pilot instrument flight rules (IFR) operation on May 15, 1980.